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Men’s grooming products may not alway have the most stunning packaging – the ubiquitous tried and true shades of brown, navy, and gray don’t make for a lovely setup in the same way that women’s potions stamped with Dior et Chanel in frosted jars and sleek glass bottles do. However, these minimal looking men’s lotions and creams are more than meets the eye. When it’s fast acting results you want, look no further than your man’s vanity table. Whether you’re looking for a quick remedy for razor burn after shaving your legs, a sexy scent that will turn heads, or clearer looking skin….there’s a product that was formulated for your leading man, but might just change your mind about the men’s beauty category forever!

Silky smooth legs are every lady’s secret weapon towards the man she’s turned her affections on. To keep your legs and bikini area from suffering the effects of razor burn, redness, and ingrown hair..swipe the product that keeps your man’s face smooth shaven, even, and irritation free. Anthony New York, whose moniker is Developed For Men, Borrowed By Women, makes a delicious Ingrown Hair treatment with luxurious Willowherb and Lavender. If it’s good enough for your man’s handsome face, it’s good enough for your gams!

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment
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There is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman adorned in a silk blouse, fitted blazer, and men’s fragrance. The earthy, woodsy, clean scent your man wears on Sundays is the perfect compliment to your feminine charm…you know the one…the TERRE D’HERMES Hermes scent that gets caught up in his wool sweaters and smells of clean air, cedar, sandalwood, and amber. Dab a bit at your throat and on your pulse points and pair with feminine fabrics and laces, he’ll never know what hit him because the burn down of fine fragrances is different on you than it is on him. This editor, has inside intel on this scent, as she craftily swiped it from her husband’s side of the power room cabinet and hasn’t looked back since!


Terre d'Hermès
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Face masks are every woman’s secret weapon for radiant, perfectly moisturized, plump looking skin. The closest thing we have to a fountain of youth aren’t only for us ladies though. The Michael Todd Charcoal Detoxifying Mask will purge the impurities out of your skin, completely doing recon for that girl’s weekend in St. Barth’s you just got back from where the mimosas flowed like water, and you danced until dawn (Jimmy Choos in hand). Men’s facial products are heavy duty; you’ll swear you can feel this leeching the toxins out of your skin. Nab this one from your man’s dob case and restore that visage back to perfect health.

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